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Print Window Compatibility with macOS 11 Big Sur

Please note macOS 11 Big Sur makes some major changes to the operating system that can affect how Print Window looks and operates. Although Print Window 5.4.2 will run and work under macOS 11 Big Sur, there are several visual glitches that will occur. This does not impact root functionality of Print Window or the file listings it generates, but things don't look the best.

When using Print Window 5.4.2 on macOS 10.15 Catalina or macOS 11 Big Sur, you may also be asked if you want to grant Print Window permission to access some folders, such as the Desktop folder. If you are asked this by macOS, you must grant this permission in order for Print Window to be able to see the files in the folder you are attempting to print a listing for. If you do not, Print Window will be unable to generate an accurate file listing.

We are currently working hard at a new version of Print Window that works within the macOS 11 Big Sur visual changes. We will soon release an update to Print Window that will improve compatibility with macOS 11 Big Sur in the near future. Until then, please understand that while the current version (5.4.2) will work, it may not work without compromises.The update to Print Window that will improve compatibility will be a free update for all users of Print Window 5.4.2.